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What is Digital Duplication?

Digital duplication is a short-cut technique that helps you clone an already profitable business within 3-4 days instead of trying to create your new business from scratch. The reason why it works so well is because when you clone an already profitable business you DO NOT NEED TO TEST anything, instead you reap the benefits of someone else's testing and efforts.

When you digitally duplicate this system you unlock $1,500 commissions instead of the measly $30-50 commissions that most networks offer.

But I Want To Build My Own Thing....Can I Build My Own Business with This?

Yes! I've spoken to a lot of people and I understand that some people want to eventually build their own programs and be in complete control. What working with me can ensure is that you have a cash-flow going while you build your own program and I'll even guide you in that process.

Are you completely opposed to the idea of getting a consistent monthly income while you're figuring out how to create your own program? If not.... this is the perfect program for you.

Think of it this way - I'm giving you a fish while you learn how to fish. So you're well-fed while you learn and that makes things easier. When the cash is coming in - everything is easier and faster.

Also, I'm very sure that you don't want another webinar or 100 hour training. You want results and when we work together I will ensure that you get the results and I give you direct phone access to me, so you'll always have the support and accountability. 

Doing it alone is hard and honestly..... a bit stupid.

I am non-technical, who does the funnels and other technical setups?

Short answer - we do it all for you. There are no recurring fees of the funnel builders either... I buy the licenses for you and setup everything from A to Z.

I have a job, I cannot spend hours in front of the computer working on this thing. I need a straightforward path to getting results!

We got you! All you need is 30 minutes a day to succeed with this. How? Well any online business is made up of 3 parts

1. The Offer: We give you a tried and tested offer.
2. The Funnel: We build it out for you without any extra costs.
3. The Traffic: We give you the content for social media traffic, pre-written posts, we do the email marketing for you, we even do the retargeting ads for you at no extra expense.

Since all the 3 parts are already setup for you - you really don't need to work on this for more than 30 minutes. Now ofcourse if you work more you'll get faster results but this is perfect for people with jobs, new parents or anyone who has little time and wants TANGIBLE RESULTS.

I'm broke. I don't have anything to invest, can I still get in?

With all due respect the answer is a NO! As I showed you on the video we have spent $109,000+ on Facebook testing this funnel, the offers have made $314,000+ and we're literally taking care of all the funnel setups, the products, the delivery and even closing the sales for you over the phone or chat.

So it is impossible for us to give it to you for free. We even buy the funnel licenses - Clickfunnels costs $2400-$3600 per year. You won't have to spend it. We take care of the funnel builders.

Even the email marketing and all the other technical or moving parts that would otherwise cause people to stop and "come back to it later" we take care of that so you can get results FASTER.

I cannot help you if you're absolutely broke. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Also people who invest are more likely to get results in any case because they take things more seriously. You win because you get results, I win because I have another success story under my belt.

I have more questions, how can I connect with Prashant?

If you have more questions you can talk to our chat agent (click here) or you can just directly book a call with Prashant if you think you're ready to go and just need a few more questions answered. 

Double Your Money or You Pay Nothing GUARANTEE!

If you do not make AT LEAST 2X your investment back within the first 8 weeks of working together and you have put in 30 minutes per day - I will give you 100% your money back.

The system works really well and we have tons of success stories to prove it already. But I know that in this day and age skepticism has crept in.... I understand and respect that.

That is why if you just work on this 30 minutes a day for a full 8 weeks you will make double your investment back or you get a refund.

And all future sales are 100% yours to keep.





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